450 Experiments, 4 New Languages,
and a New CEO.
OneSoil: 2021 in Review

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Another extraordinary year in facts and numbers
Как OneSoil помогает бороться с изменением климата_Обложка_Блог OneSoil
2021 was a year of big changes. We conquered new markets, expanded our team, launched devices for farmers, went kayaking, joked around with users, and even changed CEOs! Here are all of our biggest accomplishments in 2021.
⚡ We received a $ 5 million investment in Round A from Almaz Capital and PortfoLion

We planned to spend the money on entering new markets and consolidating OneSoil’s international status. And we did!
OneSoil co-founders Sasha Yakovlev, Slava Mazai, and Usevalad Henin are very happy
Morten Schmidt joined as our new CEO!

We decided that the team needed an expert with international management experience to take the reins of our rapidly growing company. Morten Schmidt will help us conquer new markets and continue developing OneSoil’s approach to product creation, including the democratization of precision farming and making it more affordable and accessible.
OneSoil CEO Morten Schmidt and Chief Innovation Officer Slava Mazai
The app was translated into Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, and Turkish

In fact, our friend Ali Güler, a farmer from Turkey, helped with the Turkish translation. Ali is a precision farmer helping spread the word in the agricultural community.
Farmers often tell us about their lives and share their successes and challenges. We always appreciate it, and we've been posting their stories on our blog for several years now. Sometimes, users send us photos from their fields too. Here are some of them!
We launched a new product: the OneSoil modem

It transmits data from the computer to the onboard monitors of any manufacturer's equipment (and vice versa). Use it to monitor how plowing, seeding, harvesting, and fertilizing went.
☁️ We developed an experimental Cloud-Free NDVI technology ☁️

The NDVI lets users monitor plant health from the comfort of their home. It's calculated from satellite images, but the ground isn't visible when the sky is cloudy, making calculation impossible. We're developing the Cloud-Free NDVI technology that allows users to see their fields' NDVI in any weather. The first country where we started testing this technology was Argentina.
We developed cloud-free NDVI in response to OneSoil user requests. Farmers share some great ideas, which spurred us on in 2021 to:
add сontrasted
now NDVI can be viewed simultaneously on all fields
add 150 new crops for crop rotation planning
add an option to specify varieties and hybrids
create automatic crop rotation distribution
We went on a trip around Ukraine

In two weeks, we drove 3,000 km and visited 20 farms ranging in size from 300 to 100,000 hectares. We talked to farmers, studied their OneSoil user experience, ran field experiments, and discussed the pros and cons. Now we can move forward keeping their feedback in mind.
Semejnyj Fermer Farm, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Semejnyj Fermer Farm, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Biligrain seed company, Khmelnytskyi Region, Ukraine
Biligrain seed company, Khmelnytskyi Region, Ukraine
IMC Agricultural Holding, Chernihiv Region, Ukraine
IMC Agricultural Holding, Chernihiv Region, Ukraine
Kolos Farm, Kirovohrad Region, Ukraine
Kolos Farm, Kirovohrad Region, Ukraine
One of the Eridon company's business clusters, Poltava Region, Ukraine
One of the Eridon company's business clusters, Poltava Region, Ukraine
We launched our blog in Spanish and Portuguese

We translated 10 of our most important blog articles for a new audience, covering the basics of precision farming and NDVI. We started talking with farmers from Latin America and published cases with farmers from Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.
We went kayaking with the team

We practiced archery, ate paella, and fed the mosquitoes.
Our servers went down in mid-July

The reason turned out to be that users around the world were working with too many fields at once. More precisely, 5,208,158 fields a day. We couldn't be happier!
We took important steps to consolidate our position on international markets

Valeria Vashchenko, our go-to agriculture specialist in Ukraine, and product manager in Argentina Marcos Machado joined our team.
We received an award from FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

We were one of the 28 finalists (out of 200 applicants) for the Digital Excellence in Agriculture in Europe and Central Asia competition. The OneSoil app was recognized as one of the top four products in the Agriculture Innovations Systems and Sustainable Farming, Connected Farm Management category.
We opened an office in Poland!

Now we’re headquartered in Warsaw and Zurich.
We presented at conferences

Usevalad Henin, one of OneSoil’s founders, attended dozens of agriculture events this year. The most memorable were in Ukraine: the LFM and OK Agro (check out the video). He also presented at the international Farms.com online conference for the first time.
Usevalad Henin at the Ok Agro conference
We launched a series of videos

We released a series of videos about agricultural heroes, farmers who use precision farming methods and spread the word about their benefits.
We continue testing precision farming technologies in real fields

This year, we conducted 450 field trials with partner farms covering 32,000 hectares. Read more about the results in our VRA section.

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