OneSoil News: August and September, 2019

These are considered the most "fruitful" months in terms of harvesting a variety of crops. To keep up with the season, our team gathered a "harvest" in the form of an app for iOS, several important updates and some fresh blood in the team (a total of five new members). ❤️
OneSoil News: August and September, 2019
These are considered the most "fruitful" months in terms of harvesting a variety of crops. To keep up with the season, our team gathered a "harvest" in the form of an app for iOS, several important updates and some fresh blood in the team (a total of five new members). ❤️

What's new with the app?

The iOS app is here!

Search on the AppStore! Yes, the first OneSoil users could only access the web platform and Android version of the mobile app. Now Apple owners can also taste all the benefits of remote scouting: the Android and iOS versions are exact copies of each other. With the app, you can keep track of the level of vegetation, mark problem areas, leave notes and read useful information in your personal news feed.
How OneSoil Scouting app looks like in AppStore_blog_2019
⚡ App onboarding is out now

Onboarding is the first point of contact between a user and an app. You can also think of it as an interactive help system that appears when you first register in the app to help you understand how it works. The onboarding process will guide you right up until the moment you take the most important first step—marking a crop on your field!

The feature is currently available only for Android users, with the function launching for iOS in the coming weeks. Remember: if you have any questions about the app, you can always find them in our HelpDesk. Or write to us in Telegram, we will answer as soon as we can!
⚡ Group selection of fields and notes

Now you don't have to spend time deleting sections or notes one at a time, you can just click "Select All". This feature is available only in the web application.
How group selection of fields_and notes_looks like_blog_2019
Crops search in the web app

Now you can quickly select a crop that grows on the field—no need to scroll through a very long list. Just start typing the name of the crop, and we will show you the appropriate options.

What about the team?

Our team is growing! Meet five new OneSoil people.
Nadia Borontsova_Localization manageг_blog_OneSoil
Nadia Borontsova
Localization manager
I graduated from the linguistic university as a translator of English and Spanish. I also know Portuguese and I even taught it for a while. I would never have imagined that I would do this but I became interested in the language and really wanted to learn it. I haven't visited Portugal just yet, but I spent some time in Brazil. In 2016, I volunteered at the Summer Olympic Games—oddly enough, I didn't have a feeling that I went to a different continent. I really felt at home! Brazilians are kind, simple, open and emotional.
I worked as a teacher in a public school, then in
a private language school and then as a localization manager in Flo Health company. I found out about OneSoil through the job search service. At OneSoil I'm setting up the localization process: I select and manage our team of translators—500 people have responded to our job posting so far!

I also like taking pictures and I am a proud owner of a semi-professional camera. I would like to travel with it around Belarus, and then, perhaps, create a small project from my trips.

Sasha Mansurov_Front-end engineer_blog_OneSoil
Sasha Mansurov
Frontend Engineer
I was born in Yakutsk, then I moved to Moscow to study. I graduated from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. For 2.5 years I worked at a startup called Rocketbank which has now grown into a corporation. I learned about OneSoil from an article on where the company announced the OneSoil Map. I thought: "Hm, this seems like a cool team of people!". Then I saw some information on Twitter about a job posting for a frontend specialist and thought, why not?! I like the atmosphere of startups, and I was ready for the relocation as I had already lived in Moscow for 10 years at this point and I thought it would be interesting to get some new experience.
I've been in Minsk for two weeks but so far everything looks very cool. I didn't even know about the union state with Russia (The Commonwealth of Belarus and Russia was founded in 1996. The nature of the political entity remain vague. — OneSoil)! And Belarusians have a very interesting accent. That is, people who speak Russian in Russia and Belarus are very different because here people emphasize intonation in each word.

I am a football fan like probably many guys are. I was rooting for Milan at school, now—for no one. I just enjoy watching the English Premier League. In 2018, I even traveled to various Russian cities to watch football matches during the Football World Cup. I'm interested in chess as well, but I play at a basic level. When I arrived in Minsk I even wanted to go to a chess school, but so far I am "on the waiting list". I also love science fiction.

Katya Azhgirey_content Jedi_blog_OneSoil
Katya Azhgirey
Content Manager
I studied at the Faculty of Journalism at BSU (Belarussian State University — OneSoil). Then I took a course on contemporary art and theater. This year I participated in a grant journalism program in Kyiv. I don't exclude the possibility of going to a European university one day—perhaps in Italy (I will never forget the crispy margherita crusts!) During my career, I've worked and collaborated with many Belarusian and Russian media. With a small team, I worked on a non-profit media project focusing on employment and self-realization called "". Now I'm actively promoting the topic of mental health in podcast "My ne dogovorili!" ("We haven't finished our conversation" — OneSoil).
sI heard about OneSoil from my friends on Facebook. Then I saw a vacancy for a "good person" (We really made a post looking for good people to join the company — OneSoil). I was sure that's a smart marketing move in order to consolidate the reputation of a bunch of cool guys and look for the same "cool" people, but without any obligation. But I dared to ask if they were in need of any content Jedis. Next it was like in Bowie's song: "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring''. So now I spend my working days reading about the vegetation index and try not to cry when I hear the phrase "satellite imagery registration". The simplicity and humanity of the team is what really attracted me—I try to maintain the same qualities in my personality. I was also intrigued by the very specific and unique benefit of the product: the whole team have already joked about the Interstellar movie and about the fact that only farmers will survive.

Aside from work, I'm in love with the Italian culture and spirit, Slovenian nature and mentality, Belarusian villages and sunset fields—Belarus underestimates the potential of domestic tourism!
Sergey Zolotnikov_Designer_blog_OneSoil
Sergey Zolotnikov
Product Designer
I was born in the Murmansk region but I have spent the last 6 years living in St. Petersburg. My first foray into design happened at university. I was studying to be a metrological engineer, but in my fifth year I realized that this was totally not for me. As soon as I found my first job as a designer, I dropped out of university. I have been happily married for 8 years and I'm raising 2 beautiful children: a boy and a girl, 4 and 2 years old respectively. I feel really good in the role of a father.
I learned about OneSoil from my former colleague Ivan Uvarov who currently works at OneSoil as a product designer. Moving to Belarus seemed interesting. I didn't know much about the agricultural sector, but I decided it is very up-and-coming!

The best reboot for me? Sleep. A few years ago, my whole family decided to go to Turkey for a relaxing holiday— there I realised this kind of vacation is definitely not for me. Since then, my family travels to the sea without me.

Tanya Kovalchuk_marketer_blog_OneSoil
Tanya Kovalchuk
Marketing Speicalist
I'm a doubter by nature. I entered the European Humanities University in Vilnius, but my family didn't like this idea as much as I did. So instead I chose a Belarusian university where I studied international relations. I was supposed to work in economic relations, but I got into recruiting. Then I finished data analysis courses and I even worked a bit in this area to realise that it's not my thing. After that I worked in the marketing department of an IT company.
I heard my friends talking about OneSoil, and then all of a sudden I noticed the marketing specialist job posting. I rushed to apply for this job. I was looking to join a company that makes a difference. And after a day of being a tech support mate I can clearly see the fruits of my work and I understand who our user is.

I love learning new things. That's why I believe that medical care and education are two must-pay-for things. I never regret spending money for such things as conferences and courses. Oh, and I love travelling: last year I've been to Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan—OneSoil) on New Year's Eve. Long story short: I fell in love with that city. I do swimming to keep fit and I'm into pedagogy. Sometimes I think that we're all kids who play by adult rules.

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