OneSoil and IMC sign a 5-year strategic R&D cooperation agreement in the field of analytics and digital agriculture

IMC, part of Ukraine’s Top 10 agricultural companies and listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the startup company OneSoil will continue their joint work to take the lead in the digital agriculture market.
Morten Schmidt, new CEO, and Slava Mazai_OneSoil Blog
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On September 23, in Warsaw, IMC and OneSoil signed a Research and Development Agreement in the field of analytics and digital agriculture. During the five-year agreement, the companies will continue to jointly implement variable-rate application technology in fields owned by IMC Agroholding.

The main goal of the strategic agreement is to increase the profitability of IMC's agricultural operations and get measurable results from OneSoil and IMC's agricultural experiments that can be used in the future. Improving precision farming technologies will help IMC and OneSoil become leading players in digital agriculture in Europe.

IMC and OneSoil have been conducting joint precision farming experiments since 2019. Field trials have helped IMC significantly increase profits from its fields through variable-rate application technology. Thanks to field trials, OneSoil was able to improve its digital precision farming software and scale the technology to Europe, South America, North America, and beyond.

OneSoil and IMC's joint field trials covered 4,000 hectares in 2020, 19,600 hectares in 2021, and more than 25,000 hectares in 2022. The knowledge gained over the first two years of trials helped IMC optimize its agricultural resources during the war in Ukraine. In one instance, the company managed to save money by cutting back on 200 tons of fertilizer for a 4,000-hectare area.
Slava Mazai, ex-CEO, and Morten Schmidt, new CEO_OneSoil Blog
"IMC has successfully implemented various elements of precision farming since 2017. In particular, since 2019, we've been using variable-rate application technology for planting and fertilization. This technology allows us to save on seeds and fertilizers, reduce production costs, increase the efficiency of agricultural production, and reduce the negative environmental impact and CO2 emissions. This is in line with IMC's strategic goals of increasing the company's operational efficiency and sustainable development in relation to people, land, and the environment.

OneSoil has been our partner since we first started using variable-rate application technology. Thanks to our partnership with OneSoil, we have already successfully implemented a pilot project for 20% of IMC's land holdings. Over the next 5 years of cooperation with OneSoil, we plan to at least double the area of land where variable-rate technology is used since preliminary estimates indicate that 45% of IMC fields are suitable for the application of this technology," said Alex Lissitsa, IMC's CEO.

"IMC has been OneSoil's main partner in precision farming for three years now," Morten Schmidt, OneSoil's CEO, shared. "Our in-depth knowledge of GIS analytics has helped IMC switch to precision farming, increase profits, and reduce the unnecessary use of agricultural resources that pollute the environment. The results of our work formed the basis of the OneSoil Yield App that we recently developed. The app will help farmers anywhere in the world switch to precision farming and get measurable results from field experiments. Over the next five years, IMC and OneSoil will conduct even more extensive experiments that will allow us to improve the accuracy of our programs and scale them to other regions."

About IMC

IMC is one of the Top 10 agricultural companies in Ukraine and is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company is primarily involved in crop farming and storing grain and oilseed crops. It manages 120,000 hectares of land in the prime fertile farming regions of Ukraine (Poltava, Chernihiv, Sumy). The company was founded in 2007.

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