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Three products, dozens of trips, hundreds of emails: the results of 2018

In October, OneSoil turned one. Though we are young, we have done quite a lot already. In 2018, we launched a mobile scouting application, a web platform for precision farming, an interactive map with fields and crops, a blog, and a website. We made dozens of business trips, answered hundreds of letters, and even went kayaking once. Let's recall the main events!
  • Found all fields in Europe and the USA using neural networks
    There are 60 million fields. In 2019, we plan to locate all fields in the world, from Greenland to Vanuatu.
  • Released the free OneSoil Scouting App for Android
    In June, we released our first mobile application. It allows farmers to monitor crop performance and mark problem areas with the help of satellite images. The app has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times. The iOS version will be released in 2019.
  • Launched the free OneSoil platform for precision farming
    With the OneSoil platform, farmers can keep records of their fields and crops, monitor plant development and check the weather forecast. Also, you can quickly calculate variable rates for the differentiated application of phosphate, potassium, and nitrogen. The latest feature allows visualizing data from onboard computers of agricultural machinery. The platform was released in August and is now used by 30 thousand users from 44 countries.
  • Created the OneSoil Map
    The first interactive map with information about 60 million fields and 27 cultures in 44 countries was launched in October. Two months of active work, dozens of discussions and creative solutions, and voilà. Read more about the whole process in here.
  • Processed 350 terabytes of satellite data
    Our main sources of information are images from the US Geological Survey and the European Space Agency. They are publicly available. The biggest amount of data, 250 terabytes, was processed by our Data Science department while creating the OneSoil map.
  • Received 300 emails after the release of the OneSoil Map and answered all of them
    It took us two months. Farmers, investors, corporations, research institutes, professors and students praised us and criticized, asked for data and offered joint projects. Currently, we are cooperating with a dozen of those people.
  • Launched the OneSoil website
    Here we display our web products, devices, and technologies in detail. Big thanks to the Right studio for the concept and design.
  • Answered more than 800 questions from users
    Farmers wrote to us in a special chat on the OneSoil web platform and on our Facebook. We responded to all messages. Bugs are redirected to developers immediately, and ideas for product improvements are written down and analyzed afterward.
  • Made more than 60 field trips
    From April to October, we traveled to various fields at least twice a week. We tested hypotheses, collected data, communicated with farmers, and sometimes shot beautiful photos from a drone for our Instagram.
  • Made 15 business trips to 6 countries
    We spoke with large corporations, investment funds, and startups. Some results of those conversations you'll see in 2019.
  • The team grew from 6 to 19 people
    Developers, Data Scientists and GIS specialists, marketers, designer, and an agronomist — our team is still growing.
  • Moved to a new office in the center of Minsk
  • Grew 3 tomatoes and 7 bell peppers in the office
    We are not only theoreticians but also practitioners. Therefore, when we were presented with seeds, we decided to germinate them. Now we are thinking of adding cucumbers to our collection.
  • Went kayaking down the river Uzlyanka once
    Our idea of the perfect team building!
  • Launched a blog
    And wrote 12 articles with illustrations from Dasha Sheborshee. To find out what will happen to us in 2019, sign up for updates 😉
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